07 December 2010

Come chit chat with your friends and neighbors.

Pecha Kucha Night Volume 13 will be held:
Friday December 10, 2010
Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St. in San Luis Obispo
Conversations start at 7:01pm
Presentations start at (20:20) 8:20pm
$3 donation at the door
coffee, beer and wine, and snacks are available for purchase

Presenters for volume 13 are:
1. TJ Esser__photographer + Grand Lake_musicians
TJ Esser: An exposition of the introspective photography, showcasing architecturally inspired images of the built world.

Pursuing photography serves as a way for me to explore architecture and helps me visually
explain to others what I observe and notice through my eyes. Buildings encompass more
than raw materials… they embody varying levels of thought, craftsmanship, and creative
energy. My intention is to encourage people to notice and appreciate the subtleties of
meaningful design that are often overlooked. I work to achieve this by way of a creative use
of cropping, composition, and editing down; thus simplifying each idea to its simplest form.
Grand Lake:
Grand Lake is the Oakland born ensemble expressing the epiphanies and songs of Caleb Nichols. Since 2008 the rock group has shared the stage with such bands as OKGO, Rogue Wave and the Thermals, as well as recorded two EPs and a full length album called Blood Sea Dream. Grand Lake's musical and lyrical juxtapositions weave in and out of each other to tell a story familiar to all – the facing-down of demons on the long drive home.
2. Michael Reddell_a study of gesture and expression_artist
Michael Reddell coaxes human expression from bronze, pewter, and steel. Concurrent with art making, he worked in newspaper, steel fabrication, and tech writing in Seattle and San Jose until 2003 when he cut the umbilical cord to make art full time on the central coast. His next local show is at McMeen Gallery in the Spring.

3. Nick Liepman_film
Nick Liepman, a San Luis Obispo native, was raised by a loving family and fantastic cinema. Now 18 years old, he's had a hard time keeping his movie making habits to himself. From creating comedy sketches on Youtube with his brother and cousin, to entering several short films into the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, Nick has had a lot of time to practice. However, he is even more excited about everything he will learn when he leaves for college next year. In his spare time, Nick also has a passion for writing, Improv comedy, and music.
4. Lorianna Fletcher_cardiologist
Lori Fletcher is a board-certified cardiologist with subspecialty training in noninvasive cardiac imaging.

After completing her medical training journey around the country, including New Orleans, North
Carolina, and Beverly Hills, she moved to the Central Coast in 1998 to join Coastal Cardiology . She has made her home here and keeps active with a busy practice and raising her two children. She enjoys travelling and keeping fit by participating in triathlons and running events. Her next goal is the Paris Marathon in 2011.

5. SLO County Bike Coalition_non profit
The San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition exists to make the Central Coast a safer and more livable community by promoting biking and walking. We accomplish this by advocating for bicycle facilities countywide, teaching bike smarts, bike maintenance, and providing free bike parking.

Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, the Coalition headquarters are filled to the brim with bike culture, knowledge, and feature organizational elements that are 100% unique to our space, with most things being repurposed/custom made to reflect the creativity that bike culture encourages. As the biking hub in San Luis Obispo County, the Bike Coalition seeks to promote sustainable mobility for a better future.

6. Dave Van Mouwerik_Swimming to Oxnard
Swimming to Oxnard
Thirty years ago Dave jumped into a pool, and discovered a life aquatic. Since then he has regularly baptized himself in pools, lakes, and oceans. One day in 2010 he realized that he needed to swim to Oxnard.

7. Joe Rank aka KRANKY_The Almost Lost Art of Cartoons
Joe Rank, AKA: “KRANKY” editorial cartoonist. B. 1955, Rockford, Illinois. First published 1994, Rockford Register-Star. From 2005, relocated to California's Central Coast and is the regular contributor to the Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder.

His cartoons have been published all over the world, and examples of his work have been included in the national compilation “The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year” nine times.

8. Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue_Blues + Joe Bachelor_artist
Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue
Valerie Johnson, former lead singer with Big Brother and the Holding Company caused one reviewer to exclaim, “Janis is back!” Al B Blue’s guitar/dobro style travels from the Mississippi Delta to Jamaica and back to Funkytown.

Valerie Johnson performed with award-winning Deanna Bogart and the Holmes Brothers. Al B Blue joined Big Black and the Congregation, then toured with Curtis Mayfield. When not performing they are busy getting kids involved in music with their program Blues for Kids. They make music that walks right into your heart and shakes hands with your soul.
Joe Bachelor
Murals and Fine Art Painting / Rhythm & Hues
For over 20 years, I've created murals for film, video, the hospitality industry and private residences internationally. My personal paintings reflect a fascination with local and global subcultures.

On the surface, I draw from the color and characters in festivals, clubs and cultural events. Below the surface, I seek to express something more ethereal... the glue that binds us socially.

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