06 June 2011

Pecha Kucha Night Volume 15!

Pecha Kucha Night 15: San Luis Obispo will be held:
Friday June 10, 2011
Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St. in San Luis Obispo
Conversations start at 7:01pm
Presentations start at (20:20) 8:20pm
$5 donation at the door
Wine and beer will be available for purchase
More info:

Presenters for Volume 15 are:

Don Choi_Shooting the Cat
Annamarie Fella_collage and pen/marker drawing
Don Seawater_Creativity is Renewable in Wood
Suzanne Parker_San Luis Obispo Tank Farm: A New Chapter
Jim Jacobson_sculptures_The making of Public Art, behind the scenes
Larry Hollis_The Cave Paintings of The Sierra de San Francisco
Peggy Mandeville_Railroad Safety Trail
Tropo_musicians with r. benjamin ross_Photographer


Annamarie Fella:
Annamarie Fella grew up in Detroit, Michigan and is the daughter of famous graphic designer, Ed Fella. In 1992 Annamarie moved to Los Angeles and completed her Teaching Credential in Math from Cal State University. She taught high school math classes in L.A. for 10 years, while creating her art on the side. In 2007 she moved to Los Osos and currently teaches Geometry at San Luis Obispo High. She continues to make art and show it in galleries around the San Luis Obispo area.

Peggy Mandeville:
Peggy Mandeville has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon. She has worked in the field of transportation and land use planning for over 25 years working in both the private and public sectors. For the past 14 years, she has been employed by the City of San Luis Obispo. Peggy commutes to work by bike using an existing segment of the Railroad Safety Trail.

Larry Hollis:
Larry Hollis began taking surf trips down the Baja Peninsula in the early 1970s before there was a paved road to the tip. The places he likes best are still down the unpaved roads. One of his favorite spots requires a multi-day mule ride into the canyons of the Sierra de San Francisco where 7000 year old gallery cave paintings await the adventurous.

Jim Jacobson:
Jim’s art is usually abstract, often minimal and sometimes architectural in nature. It varies in size from something as small as a desk weight or as large as a 25 foot high sculpture. He has always been fascinated with mobiles and enjoys conjuring three-dimensional ideas and rotating them in his mind until there is balance and excitement. A great deal of his work incorporates spheres, circles and curves. Jim’s sculptures are inspired by the colors of Joan Miro, Alexander Calder’s mobiles, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s repetitive, rectangular elements and his signature “Cherokee red”. Local geographic features or landmarks are often integrated into his sculptures. Site-specific research allows him to incorporate icons or images reminiscent of individual locations. Research is the crux of his sculptures as he probes into the people, the place, and the purpose whether it is public art or privately commissioned.

Don Choi:
Don Choi is an architectural historian who uses the camera as a tool for investigating the built environment. He received his A.B. degree in economics from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in architectural history from the University of California, Berkeley. He has been awarded fellowships from the Japanese Ministry of Education to study at Kyoto University and from the Japan Foundation to fund research at Tokyo University. Dr. Choi’s research focuses on the architectural history of the modern world and he is currently working on a book manuscript on major themes in the architecture of Japan since 1850.

TROPO exploded onto the San Luis Obispo electronica scene in 2009 delivering all original late night beat non stop dance sets.  The unique trancy violin, ambient guitar, oscillating bass and synths, and throbbing beats make TROPO a one of a kind live experience.

Ben Ross: 
Ben Ross is a student of many trades. Earning degrees in architecture and construction management, his passion for sustainability continues his drive to seek new designs with long-tern potential. An avid outdoorsman, his favorite hobbies include architecture, construction, design-build, wood and metal working, glass and furniture making and photography. His photography works to combine all his ideals together into one cohesive element. Lately Ben has dedicated his time to night photography – the capturing of light and movement not just in a moment, but through time and space.

Don Seawater:
Don Seawater was born in January, 1954, at McClelland Air Force Base in California. He created "Great American Folk Toys" wood toys, was the production manager at California Cooperage, then became manager of Pacific Access Lumber 1979. Since 1997 he created Pacific Coast Lumber, making local logs into local lumber. He is also a lecturer in Natural Resource Management, Cal Poly, teaching wood science. Don has been the subject of many studies about using and marketing urban wood, and small sawmill operations.

His motto: “Creativity is good.”

Suzanne Parker:
Alabama native Suzanne Parker has worked in public relations for over a decade. She served 5 years as the National Network Coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management. Later Ms. Parker led a team focused on energy and natural resources issues for New Mexico’s largest public relations firm. Parker joined Chevron Mining in 2005 and in late 2008 she assumed the role of Chevron’s Policy, Government and Public Affairs Manager for the Central Coast of California. Ms. Parker and her spousal equivalent, Wally, spend their free time with 5½ year old twins Dylan and Natalie and two spoiled dogs.

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